Saturday, September 26, 2009

Personal Responsibility - Who's Fault?

Where does Another’s Liability end and your Personal Responsibility begin?

If you are eating in a Restaurant, receive your Food on a Ceramic Plate that is very (very) HOT and you are not warned by your Server... you touch it and get badly burned.
I think that is Another’s Liability (the Restaurant’s).

If you are eating in a Restaurant, receive your Food on a Ceramic Plate that is very (very) COLD (which therefore cools down your Food) and you then saunter into the Restaurant’s kitchen to heat it up. You turn on an Oven only to find that no gas is flowing to said Oven. So you find the gas valve and turn it on and then notice that the Oven still does not ignite because the pilot is out. You light a match, re-light the pilot and finally heat up the Oven. Once HOT, you place your very (very) COLD plate of Food into said Oven and wait for it to warm up to your liking. When you feel that it has been sufficiently heated, you stick your hands into the Oven and upon gripping the now very (very) HOT Ceramic Plate of Food, you get badly burned.
I no longer think that it is Another’s Liability (the Restaurant’s) - it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!

Own it.

Read into this what you will, but the moral of the story is - if you are hurt or damaged after taking one or two reasonable steps, it is probably not your fault. If you spend a lot of time jumping through steps and making choices and you are hurt or damaged... the onus is now on you.


  1. I disagree. I think the idea of "intention" is very important as well. I am not perfect, and there is no question that I will make mistakes in life. I assume that others are not perfect as well, and if an honest mistake is made (such as forgetting to warn me about my hot plate because of being distracted by something), AND they are contrite about their error, then I take them at their word. It annoys me when everyone is out to get theirs (by suing, defamation, etc.). It is important to remember that one is not "owed" a trouble-free existence.
    Alicia Webster

  2. I so agree. I hate that everyone likes to blame someone else.

  3. I agree that its the person's responsibility since they are the customer buying the meal in the restaurant..

  4. I agree. Coffee's hot. Get over it, don't sue.