Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Power of Lyrics - "Dreams Are Nothing More Than Wishes..."

"Dreams are Nothing More than Wishes, and a Wish is just a Dream you Wish to Come True."

- Harry Nilsson ("The Puppy Song" from the album
Harry -1969 [Click for Video])

A line that whenever I hear it, I begin to repeat it over and over - each time ever so-much slower - in an effort to analyze what Harry was trying to say. As a preface for anyone who maybe unfamiliar with Harry Nilsson, he was a brilliant singer/songwriter [Click here for a Biography], a favorite of The Beatles and a man whose voice was slowly ravaged as the 70s progressed due to drugs and alcohol and who died much too young at age 52. "The Puppy Song" is from is third album and opens with this fabulous phrase.

"Dreams are Nothing More than Wishes..." to me points to the fact that if dreams are generated by the subconscious mind, then dreams are your mind making a wish. But this is so literal it takes the beauty out of the phrase... words just as Dreams and Wishes are sentiments that make one reflect, smile, tilt one's head to the side and look upward at the vast expanse of an infinite sky. Your Dreams should be as infinite as the sky. We wish them to be. We need them to be. We should always have Dreams. But once attained, a Dream becomes Reality and is therefore no longer a Dream. This is a good thing as it now allows us to make another Wish and Dream even bigger.

"...and a Wish is just a Dream..." is not simply a reverse phrasing of the initial thought, but a reminder that your Wishes should be as pleasant as your Dreams. Which means that if you use your Wish in anger, like when you are furious at something and you wish for something bad to happen in retaliation, THAT is not a Wish... it is more of an Angry Possibility that you are imagining. So let's discard that use of the word 'wish' and get back to our use of Wishes as always referring to a Fond Desire. Dreams are the same thing (similarly, bad Dreams are Nightmares and therefore, not what we're talking about). Pleasant, hopeful, empowering. Those are the Dreams we're referring to.

" Wish to come True." Isn't this the ultimate hope? You Wish for your Dreams to come True. Everyone does. Dreaming of a brighter future or a positive change in your life is not worth a damn if you don't desire it so much that you Wish it to become your Reality. Whatever you are truly Wishing to be your Reality is your Dream. But all of this means NOTHING if that's all you do is Wish and Dream. You need to take Action.

Once you realize that, you can achieve anything. You know the Goal. You know your desired Endgame. You see the Light at the end of the tunnel that you want, desire, Wish to head for. Go for it. Follow your Dreams. This is what your subconscious Wishes to do. Wants to do. Your subconscious has desired it, craves it, needs it. Listen to your subconscious. It is after all kept alive by your Heart. Therefore by extension, this is what your Heart desires, craves, needs.

Follow your Heart.

"Dreams are Nothing More than Wishes, and a Wish is just a Dream you Wish to Come True."

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