Sunday, March 8, 2009

"Rent" & The Stage Door

Dateline... March 8, 2009... Los Angeles, California.

With tickets to "Rent" in hand, Mark and I head to The Pantages Theatre for the 1PM Matinee. This Broadway Tour includes Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal (the original Mark and Roger) as well as Gwen Stewart, the awesome belter who had the spotlight solo in "Seasons of Love" during the original run. The production was great, lots of fun, and then came (bum-bum-bum) the Stage Door.

With poster in hand we jetted to the stage door in hopes of catching the cast to sign. Well, after waiting over 30 mins, we only had Maureen, Benny and one Ensemble member. Bummer. On the way home, Mark says, 'Hey, lets come back tonight!' (Tonight's performance being the closing night). I said 'sure'.

We get back at 8PM shortly before Intermission and find ourselves first in line! When the show ends and the cast come out, we get Yuka who played Alexi and then (yay!), both Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal. Shortly after that, Gwen appears with bags and totes and looks like she's skipping the line. I shout out to her to please do the line and offer to watch her bags. She does! (on both accounts) and Mark even gets a great pic with her.

About 20 mins later, she comes back to get her bags, hugs us both and calls us "Prince among Men". Very sweet and a great experience.

Only blight on the night was a friggin' RAT that runs across the sidewalk just in front of us as we head to our car. I HATE RATS!!!!

Regardless, 'no day but today'!

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