Monday, November 2, 2009

Thoughts on Faith, Part 1 - We're the UFO

When you were
just an Ape,
We gave you
your first break.
Taught you
how to think
Yes, we're
the missing link.

We took you
from the trees.
Taught you
how to plan.
Gave you
and medicine.
Then you
were known
as Man.

From the Valley of the Kings
To Atlantis, long gone.
A thousand different cultures
have sung the Sky Gods song.

We arrived
in chutes of flames.
You made us
into Gods.
Raised temples
to our worship.
Gave us a thousand names.

Hey didn't you know,
We're the UFO.

From Stonehenge to the Pyramids
We really laid it down.
Made visits in the past.
To help the Earth go 'round.

Now we vanish from the mind.
The words we taught have gone.
In legend we do exist.
As in the passing of the mist.

Hey didn't you know,
We're the UFO.

by Dave Clark, David Soames and Jeff Daniels for Dave Clark's "Time: The Musical" (1986)

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