Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thoughts on Faith, Part 3 - Beauty, Truth, Love, Freedom, Peace

Beauty ...
Truth ...
Love ...
Freedom ...
Peace ...

These are your ideals.
There is not one person
on the entire Planet Earth
who, in his right mind,
doesn't want these in his life.

So ... where do you go wrong?

To find the solution,

we must first
identify the problem.

Perhaps you wonder
how much "free will"
you actually have
when you see yourself,
for example,
saying and doing
hurtful things
that you don't
really mean.

Why can't you seem to stop?

You want to,
you try to,
your intentions are

Is it habit
or is it lack of understanding
that keeps you bound
to the pull of destruction?

The mineral sources
of energy upon your planet
are almost depleted
and yet
the two greatest sources of energy
remain almost untapped --
the sea and the sun.

you seem content
to allow the aggression
of the weak
by the strong.

You seem content
to allow
a great part
of your world
to starve
whilst for economics' sake
food is left
to rot
or be destroyed.

You seem content
to allow
the obscenity
of the maimed and crippled
who have to cope
with broken lives
after each confrontation
of force.

Your East and West
have never even
made the effort
to conquer the basics
necessary for people
of different cultures
to exist in harmony;
that is, to respect
your opposite's culture --
and what is more
important --
their way of thinking.

Even in your own life
your thinking
is not in order.

These facts
do not inspire
do they?

by Dave Clark, Jessica St. John and Hans Poulsen for Dave Clark's "Time: The Musical" (1986)

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