Sunday, January 3, 2010

How to Make the Perfect Scrambled Egg

Something as simple as a scrambled egg can be an art.

I've tried different techniques and ratios of ingredients, debated adding milk or not, struggled to break the habit of my Mom's 'scramboozled' eggs (simply scrambling them in the frying pan as they cook), and as of this morning, I have discovered how to make the perfect scrambled egg.

For starters, the hardware: bowl, whisk (not a fork, not a spoon, but a whisk), a spatula and a frying pan (non-stick is preferred). Then comes the software: egg, milk, salt, pepper, butter. That's it. Nothing else.

The key is the ratio: one egg + one teaspoon milk + one pinch salt. This ratio works no matter how many eggs you make. I made two (so two eggs + two teaspoons milk + two pinches salt).

Crack the eggs into the bowl (or measuring cup like I use). Add milk and salt. Whisk for one minute. Your goal is to achieve a uniform color, uniform consistency, and introduce some air into the mix. Air=fluffy. You are not beating it into a froth. You do not want peaks. You just want some airy consistency.

Once done, let it sit for about a minute as you bring your frying pan up to heat on just above Medium. Add enough butter to coat the pan and before (not after) but before the butter completely melts (and begins to burn, which you know it will), add the egg mixture.

Let it is sit for about 10-15 seconds, adding a few crrw-crrws of freshly ground pepper. Once the edges begin to cook, gently use your spatula to move the sides into the center of the pan. Do not stir, chop, flip or even fold your scrambled eggs. Just remain calm and make simple moves. This should continue for about a minute (for two eggs). Your time, of course, will differ depending on the amount of eggs you are preparing (although I would highly suggest cooking your eggs in small batches).

Keep doing this until the egg is ALMOST completely cooked - leave some runny. If you wait until all the runny is gone, you will overcook your egg. The egg is hot enough to continue cooking the runny after you remove it from the pan.

Quickly plate and enjoy.

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