Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year, New Start - Make Changes NOW

As January 1 approached, most people began to think about things they'd like to change; things they wanted to do differently; something new they were going to start - eating better, exercising more, being nicer, thriftier, stop nail biting, no more snacking... on and on and on.

But why what for some date in the future... DO IT NOW. Don't wait until January 1, or your next Birthday, or as soon as you Graduate, or as soon as school is over or summer is over, Labor Day begins, and on and on and on.
One delay after another.

One excuse after another.

"Tomorrow I will ______." Is that because I want one more day to error before I change? Procrastination perhaps?

I had a friend who loved to say, "I'm going to give it six more months." What happens at the six month mark? Why make up such a generic, meaningless deadline for yourself?

Do it NOW. Do you really need a deadline? A goal? A date to shoot for? No... that's just an excuse - and I do it to.

So here's my resolution. No more artificial deadlines. No more delaying to some calendaric milestone. If I want to change something, I'm going to start right now... this very second.

We all should.

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