Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Perhaps A Crossroads?

It isn't often in life you find yourself at a crossroads.  I'm not talking about simple choices like 'do I go to the gym or do I go get ice cream' - I'm talking the big, life-altering choices that don't present themselves every day.

I presently find myself at just one of these junctures - this one being career related.

If you don't know me (or to recap it for those who do), I've spent:
  • Four years in the US Navy on Submarines as a Yeoman;
  • Six months as a Fashion Jewelry Consultant (ick);
  • Six years in Music Retail (including work at one of Long Island's first "CD Only" chains);
  • Six months as a Costumed Party Performer ("Hi boys and girls... I'm Barney!");
  • Three years as a Production Associate for Television Documentaries and Children's Specials;
  • Nine years as a Paralegal in Animation; and 
  • Six years as a Production Coordinator and Supervisor for Feature Animation Production (phew!).

But what to do next?

Do I continue in Animation Production?  Do I try my hand at Writing?  I would love to work with Children.  What about my passion for Food (albeit, mostly the eating of food!)?

Decisions, decisions.  A wonderful yet frightening position to be in. It isn't often that we get an opportunity to reinvent ourselves.  Most of my past career shifts were necessitated by circumstances beyond my control... selling Jewelry so not for me, the CD Experience closed, a Party Performer is only paid so much, the Documentary company was purchased by Disney and then phased out... although I will say that the shift from Animation Legal to Animation Production was me seizing my own Destiny and I have zero regrets for that one.

Is this now one of those times again?  Will Destiny disguise herself as Opportunity and rap upon my door?

What would it be like to be a Food Critic?  A Children's Book Author?  A Kindergarten/Elementary School Teacher?  What about Non-Profit work?  Maybe it's time to give back to the world?  Feed the hungry?  Shelter the homeless?  Put a smile on the face of a child?

Can I do these any of these things and still pay my rent?

Where to turn, how to begin?

We all have a perception of who we are and we all get into routines that occupy our days.  Sometimes, days turn into weeks and weeks into months and months into years... a decade goes by in the wink of an eye.

I have nothing profound to conclude this blog with.  It's a mental dump... a Rambling from an (as yet) Untrained Mind (if you will).

...to be continued...

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