Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Stalled Life?

As October begins, I find myself with a sense that my life has stalled... and it needs a jump start!

There is one over-riding cause for this malaise... unemployment.  Thus far, 19 weeks of unemployment and the sense of freedom that initially permeates one's life when the shackles of a 9-5/M-F work week are removed, has long ago worn off.  Tedium as set in.

Each morning when I rise I think, "Now what?"  I've lost a sense of purpose.  Where do I turn?  What do I do next?  Mild depression like a coat of dust in a empty house begins to coat everything.  

Things I used to find enjoyable are no longer worth the effort.  Weekends have no meaning for me... everyday is a weekend!  I'm irritable, grumpy, short-tempered and blah - all on a regular basis.  My passions are gone and have been replaced with silent stares, sighs and lots of sitting.  Projects are half completed, everything is an effort, and nothing seems to give me a feeling of accomplishment.

How do I shake this?  How do I move forward?  How do I break the spell of complacency and kick-start my life once again?

Well... .  I don't know.  But, I'll start with trying to force myself to do something consistent on a daily basis.

Therefore, welcome to "Blogtoberfest 2011" - a daily blog similar to Blogapaloozza from July 2009.  This will be a reason to complete at least one task a day, exercise the creative mind and spend some quality time thinking.

I will NOT dwell on my employment situation, but as a curiosity and as a sort of a diary, I will document my daily job search actions and results in an ongoing listing at the bottom of each blog... they may not be much, but may become and interesting and telling track record of one man's attempt to find a job during this ongoing 2011 Recession.

I hope you find it at least mildly amusing and entertaining.  Until tomorrow...

=October Job Hunt=
10/01 - Apply online as a Production Coordinator for E! Entertainment Television.


  1. I too need a daily schedule. I have committed to learning to swim at the Y but u already have that skill. This will be a good fall for you. Keep writing. Marianne

  2. Hi, Larry - I was in the exact same boat for about 6 months in '09. Every day was Saturday. I'd be jealous of my neighbors driving off to work in the mornings. I'd feel like I was missing the opportunity to socialize with coworkers, to learn the latest trade news, standards and software. Every day I sat home was a day to incrementally forget what I had learned of my profession, to fall behind, and I resented it. You're not alone, not by a long shot. And your feelings are, in a way, comforting to me and others who realize that the "layer of dust" falls on all who have found themselves in that same unfortunate boat. But know it gets better, to usurp a popular phrase, and work will come again.

    Curt F.