Monday, October 3, 2011

A Singular Symbol of Strength

The Tree.

A singular symbol of strength. Visually simplistic in design from afar, this ever-growing structure of life is nothing less than admirable in its complexity.  Such is life.  Both are a fascinating and mesmerizing thing.

Consider the humble trunk.  This thick, strong cylindrical base rises up from the soil and supports what rises above.  Yet as solid and strong as the trunk may appear, what lays beneath the soil may be a twisted confused mass of roots - from thick tendrils to wispy hairs.  But these not only anchor the tree firmly to the Earth, they reach out to absorb a constant supply of nutrients and fluids to sustain that which is more visible.

Not all trunks emerge as gracefully from the ground, though.  Some actually give us a glimpse of the turmoil that lays below the surface.  From twisted chaos grows singular strength.  There may be conflict there, but its future will be an eventual resolution into a majestic, living and breathing entity.  What comes next is - for me - where the magic lies.

Socotra Dragon Tree
From the solid and stoic trunk emerges a network of branches that dart out in every direction, oft times in what may appear to be a haphazard and random way.  But random is rarely what the tree actually does.  

Its seeming randomness tends to be necessitated more by outside forces that cause it to adapt.  A branch may suddenly change its course - alter its direction - possibly due to encountering a shadow it wants to avoid as it continues to reach skyward.

And what we encounter up there is nothing less than magical!  Ever-growing paper thin little sprouts that unfurl into a complex design that not only add an entirely new dimension of beauty, but engage in complex processes triggered by the warmth of the sun.  They breath in our excess waste carbon dioxide and exhale the absolutely vital oxygen needed to sustain our life.

As I said, to me a tree is a fascinating and mesmerizing thing.

Life is often like a Tree.  Our tangled and seemingly chaotic beginnings (roots) come together into our singular identity (trunk) which in time can diverge in very many directions as life throws us variables that cause us to adapt and change (branches), ultimately rising above it all to unfurl ourselves into the majestic entity we show the world (our leafy canopy).  This is what we are meant to be

I - like the tree - am a singular symbol of strength... from twisted chaos grows that singular strength. 

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