Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oct 2 - Concert Review: Loggins & Messina @ The Greek

What year is it? 1972? Loggins? As in Kenny 'Footloose' Loggins? Who's this Messina person?

Well my little porkchops, Loggins & Messina (Kenny and Jim) were a Country/Rock/Pop due from about 1970 to 1976, at which time they split for solo careers - the former doing very well, the latter, not so well.

Jim Messina came from Buffalo Springfield and Poco (to which he eventually returned) and Kenny was a songwriter.

Anyway, it's been nearly forty years and not does their catalog hold up, so do they. The concert was tight and fun and (sadly for me) steered away from all solo material. No ones 'Foot' got 'Loose', Kenny didn't call Jim 'Friend', no 'Zones' of 'Danger' visited, not a 'Vox Humana' in the bunch - and all-in-all (dit-dit-dit-dit dit-dit-dit-dit, I'm... boom-boom-boom) 'I'm Aright', so nobody worry 'bout me.

The Greek was cool on this October eve, the Moon was full, the audience - while not packed - was full of over-weight, denimed 50-somethings happily swaying with their over-sized plastic cups of weak, pale domestic beer. OK, so that was the downside...

The upside was the Music. Kenny and Jim sounded great. The band was tight and the acoustics were wonderful - from flutes to saxophones, amazing drumming and the acoustic offerings from two consummate professionals. The one new song, Lennon/McCartney's "Two of Us" fit this pair like a well-worn comfortable soft leather glove.

If you've ever been a fan of this duo, or even just a fan of good country/pop acoustic sounds, seek out Loggins & Messina in a town near you!

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  1. I have always love these guys. Hope they come to my area soon!