Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oct 13 - "Rainy Days and Mond..." OK "...Tuesdays, Always Get Me Down"

I gotta tell you. Rain - not a fan.

Never have been. Never will be. I cringe and duck at every drop, afraid of melting like everyone's favorite Wicked Witch.

No idea why I hate it (and I use the word 'hate' in its strongest possibly connotation). I grew up outside of Philadelphia so am quite accustomed to precipitation. Torrential downpours, the occasional Nor'easter (a Hurricane that ventures northward toward New England.

Zodiacally speaking (my word, copyright 2009) I am on the cusp of Pisces and Aquarius. One a water-bound (and presumably) water-loving fish, while the other is a control freak (ok, so he's actually a 'water-bearer' - but he keeps control the water in his urn). Maybe it's simply my two halves in conflict - one wanted to revel in the watery goodness while the other can't wait to contain it.

Either way, I hate the rain. I don't like the smell of wet concrete (or the worms that inevitably covered the pavement in Warminster where I grew up). I don't like the dirt it leaves behind on my car or patio furniture. I don't like having to drive extra carefully. And I don't like having to drag a wet umbrella into my car.

I do like a lot of the great rain-related songs this unfortunate weather condition as spawned (you can click on the links to hear these on YouTube): Supertramp's "It's Raining Again"; or Eddie Rabbit's "I Love the Rainy Nights" [I apologize for the video for this one ahead of time... the only original vocal version of the song I could find with scary (as in 'bad') PC graphical animation]; but just not the actually dripping moisture.

Thunder, lightning and heavy winds... now THAT'S another story. LOVE THEM! I used to put a lawn chair out to revel in the impending storm. That's probably the one thing I miss living in Los Angeles. Great Thunder and Lightning storms. I totally feel energized when they're going on! Claps of Lightning that shake the walls. Fan-tastic!

But not the rain. Not the wet. Not the gloom. Not the gray. Not the cold. Not the damp.

Give me the sun and the warmth. That's what makes me smile and contented.


  1. If you like thunder, lightning and heavy winds, you would LOVE a hurricane!!! Maybe not a cat. 3 or higher, but a nice cat. 1 can be fun.

  2. This is funny. I am one those people who loves rainy days. It makes everything clean and fresh and new.