Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oct 20 - A Blank Page (or Which "Chris Evans"?)

I open this blog with nary a theme nor idea. Not a clue or a thought of what to write about. The goal, therefore, is to simply ramble along to see what comes out. Come along for the ride... if you dare (mwua-ha-ha-ha-ha).

OK, so that was my best diabolical laugh, but really; I have nothing, nada, zip, nil and zilch. I'm staring at the screen while I also ponder what TV show to next watch on the DVR (I just finished last night's episode of FOX's "House"). I could go back to finish BBC America's "Friday Night with Jonathan Ross" that Mark and I started yesterday. One of the guests was 'Chris Evans' - he's cute and we liked him in the Fantastic Four films.
Unfortunately, instead of a 28-year old hunk, we got a 58-year old British author. As Mark would say, "No Bueno."
Maybe I'll watch Bravo's "Flipping Out" - that Jeff Lewis makes ME look normal (hahaha). Yeh, that's what I'll watch as I continue exercising my fingers on my MacBook keyboard, sip water and try to find a topic. I knew a second Blogapalooza would be tough!

I think if my full-time job was that of "Blogger", I would be better at finding a daily topic. As a paid Blogger, I would spend my days living life... truly living to work and not working to live. Hiking, shopping, visiting a different café or restaurant every day. Maybe try something new weekly - visit Color Me Mine, Volunteer at a School or Orphanage, Sky Dive, try a series of Yoga Classes, give myself a Book to read and then Blog a Report about...

I would Blog about each of these things, maybe for a local website, giving my reviews and thoughts... if anyone would care. I've often thought that if I was to move to a small town, maybe I could review every eatery in town in Alphabetical Order... from the Aardvark Antateria to the Zylophone Zeppolis and everything in between. That could be fun.

Maybe I'd review movies as well... and plays. What fun it would be to get paid for my opinions and my write-ups.

Well enough online dreaming and time for some real dreaming... my new allergy medicine is kicking in and will soon be in blissful slumber (or at least I hope so!).


  1. Yikes! That Chris Evans mix-up would rile me, too.

  2. I'm reading your blow on Sat. Halloween. Just got done listening to Monster Mash. Spent last night having a "discussuion" with wife. No big plans for Halloween. Thinking about Tue. election day when we get to vote more bums in. See Jerry Lawler is running for Mayor of Memphis again. It would be nice if he wins but nobody takes him seriou. As you see like you my mind is wandering. Shalom No I'm not Jewish but it's better than greeting each other with a Heil Hitler. Imagine if the Nazis had won WWII.