Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oct 3 - Just Who Is This Blogger I Now Follow?

Before we continue with Blogapalooza, it might help to know who your Blogger is.

I am a quiet (some would dispute this) shy (until I know you) introspective, humorous extrovert with either a brooding glance or a laughing manner, whistling his way through life, the music in my head drowning out the voices in my head. Scared? A joking center of attention who unconsciously masks an eccentric melancholia. A loner who doesn't like being alone, a restless couch potato, a triathlete, a shopper, your best friend or your worst enemy - well that's not quite accurate as before you become my enemy, I will cut you out of my life and move onward (just ask my father - no, please don't bother).

Born and raised in the Northeast (Philadelphia area), a sojourn on Long Island, transplanted to Los Angeles after a stint in the US Navy and a stab at the married straight life, now happily gay (ah, to be one's self) and looking forward to the latter half of my life. I see my life as a tome... currently working on Chapter Six.

For those of you internet hounds still interested in reading on, I break it down as follows:

Chapter One: The Early Years, Ages 1-16 (growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia);
Chapter Two: Life with Dad, Ages 16-28 (moving to Long Island to reconnect with a father after a bitter divorce at age 8);
Chapter Three: The Navy, Ages 17-22;
Chapter Four: The Single Life on Long Island, Ages 22-28 (also known as, the Music Business Years);
Chapter Five: The Married Life & Moving to LA, Ages 28-39; and currently;
Chapter Six: The Gay Years, Ages 39+

Professionally, other than odd jobs over the summer (High School A/V guy and Boy Scout Camp Counselor) nothing before the Navy (a Yeoman [YN2(SS)] on the LA-Class nuclear submarine USS Atlanta [SSN712]), followed by managerial stints at Record World and The CD Experience music retail chains on Long Island, Costumed Party Performer, ABC/Kane Productions (documentaries and specials) and currently DreamWorks/DreamWorks Animation (both in Los Angeles).

Well, now that you have a little insight as to who your author is, I hope you'll continue reading as the Blogapalooza unfolds as well as future Blogathons.

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  1. Wow! I'd love to know what you were rocking out to. I looks like a great song.