Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 1 - Welcome to Blogapalooza!

Welcome to Blogapalooza - my month-long daily blog.

So let's start at the beginning (not the 'very' beginning - which I know, is a very good place to start..." very funny). But the beginning of a Month. The 1st. With the exception of paying rent (which my landlord just raised 4%, thank you very much), the 1st is my favorite day of the month.

The 1st is full of new beginnings and possibilities. Last month is old hat. Daily Sweepstakes I enter (don't laugh, I've won $1000 and a 30" LCD Flat Screen TV, among other things), often expire at the end of the month and I can now delete them. Interest from my Savings Accounts and other investments accrue and hit my accounts and I get to update my net worth (yay me).

These are just some of the little joys of the 1st. The dew is still on the rose. The month has yet to taint with cynicism and stupidity. No one has died yet. I can make monthly resolutions (like New Year's ones, but I don't have to wait until January to do them). My next paycheck is not already spoken for.

Little things like this make the 1st my favorite. And now that this first blog is done, stay tuned for daily insights and outlooks, thoughts and rants, wonderings and wanderings and whatever else I feel like.

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