Monday, July 20, 2009

July 20 - So, I Have a Friend...

So, I have a friend... (no, really, this is truly about a friend, not a veiled attempt to hide me). P.S. - today is my 18 mos anniversary with my love and I could not be happier! (Gouda, babe)

So, I have a friend, who - despite my original intent to blog about the 40th Anniversary of the Moon Landing - which, btw, I do NOT think is bullshit. It really happened, so get over it you conspiracy lovers! I then was going to blog about Superstitions [more bullshit that way too many people put way too much stock into] - which could have been fun - omg, wait for the news reports out of Asia/India when the total solar eclipse happens on the 22nd... but no, I have a friend who, invited me out for a drink tonight.

Now we've been best friends for over six years. When he invites me out for a drink, he wants to talk. Lately, I've sensed relationship problems in his life. Tonight, confirmed.

Without getting into details (as much fun as they may be, they are none of your business so do not ask me), it is time for him to break-up. I can tell. I can always tell. Tell tale signs - the ways he talks about both his boyfriend and his relationship. I know when he's ready. The problem? He hates breaking up. It's hard for him (and who doesn't find breaking up hard? I learned early on that "Breaking Up is Hard to Do" - thank you, Neil Sedaka).
He drags it out, he pulls away and ultimately hopes that the other guy will break up with him (it never, NEVER happens that way).

Other signs I won't get into, but he's ready. He needs to. He cannot keep the guy on the hook (and to be honest, I've met the guy and don't think he'll miss my friend when he leaves).

So, I hope he pulls the trigger, puts that nail in the coffin, and moves on to someone who deserves him. I love him and I want to see him happy. He won't read this, but for any of you out there with friends in relationships that are not all they could be, PLEASE help them out of it!

Life is way (way) too short to put up with less than beautious conditions in a relationship (I like the word 'beautious', deal with it, adopt it, use it - thank you, Mr. Zbinden, my 4th Grade Home Room and Science Teacher).

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