Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 19 - Sweltering is NOT Cool

Anyone who knows me, knows I love hot weather. I love heat. I can get into my car on a hot day and enjoy the lizard heat, not even rolling down the windows right away.

Of course, my love of hot weather does have it's rules (and what doesn't in my life!). Right now, Los Angeles is in the grips of a Heat Wave. As Mark says, "No Bueno". It is Sweltering! It's been upper 90s and now in the 100s for over a week. It is becoming intolerable. Currently at 11PM it is only down to 82 Degrees (my perfect Day temperature, but not good for a Night temperature).

All of this has some people thinking of cooler climates (it is fun to accessorize I'm told). But I don't miss Holiday shopping when you have to take off your big coat and scarf and gloves when you get into the Mall and juggle them with parcels and packages. You can't continue to wear them inside as you'd start sweating. Sometimes it's off and on and on and off (especially when not shopping in a dedicated mall). Check out an East Coast Mall's 'Lost & Found' sometime. We're talking Glove City!

And let's about winter weather. Ah you gaze out or your frosty window one chilly wintery morn and see a pristine blanket of white over your world. It's so beautiful and silent and if you're 5, you can stay home from school and play.

Well I'm not 5 and I can't stay home when it snows. And just what does it do to one's car you might ask (if you've never experienced it, you'd never know to ask)?

You get to wake up 30 minutes early just so you can go out in the snow, de-ice the door lock so you can get the key in, start the engine and turn on the defrosters... all this frigid fun in preparation to start scraping layers of ice off of the windshield so you can drive to work. Oh, and all of that doesn't take into consideration the possiblity that snowplows have piled street dross up against your tires and you might have to shovel them out before driving off... slowly so you don't skid into another vehicle. And don't forget to brake gently, evenly and ahead of time so as not to bump into the car in front of you.

And even if it doesn't snow, I hate Winter. It's cloudy and gray, dreary and sad. And it's sooo cold. My Mom used to bundle me up in so much clothes, I'd sweat and freeze - my woolen mittens would be little blocks of ice on my hands. Very hard to play with fingers that won't bend!

When it's not winter and the temperatures do finally begin to approach happy levels (for me, 65-85), I have to contend with Rain. I hate Rain (which I find strange for a Pisces - but maybe my cuspy Aquarian gets in the way, being a water-bearer and needing to control it). As a matter of fact, I hate Rain so much that I hunch my shoulder and run from it with the fear of the Wicked Witch of the West.

Ever hydroplane while driving? Into other cars? Into a tree? (I still miss you black Mercury Zephyr).

My weather positives? I love the Blue of the sky (and Los Angeles "Blue" is nothing like the East Coast "Blue" I grew up with). I love Sunny days, every day (growing up I'd watch the Brady Bunch and they never even owned a coat!).

I love Wind. I love Thunderstorms - the loud booming and blinding flashes of Lightning (until the Rains start, of course). I used to put a lawnchair out on Long Island and sit in the front enjoying the show.

Oh well, it's night now and I can't see the weather. It's just dark and time to turn off the A/C (oooo, it's down to 80 now!) and sleep in my briefs under my ceiling fan. Tomorrow promises to be only 93. Oh goody.

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