Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 5 - Ghosts, Religion, Reincarnation and The Piano

Various religions allow for a Holy Spirit, Zombies, Angels and Satan. Ghosts for some reason are in the same category as Vampires and Werewolves. Supposedly fictional creations. Why?

If religion allows for a Holy Spirit and the idea of a Soul, why is it inconceivable that said Soul, once freed from the earthly bounds of its mortal confines, could remain earthbound as opposed to ascending into the Heavens? Wouldn't the concept of Reincarnation hold some credibility in Christianity? If Jesus was to return, would it not be either a form of Reincarnation (should he take another human form) or if his essence or Holy Spirit descend from the Heavens to walk the earth, would he be a Ghost?

Religion aside, I have a tale to impart. In June 2002, someone at work on my company's intranet, was giving away an 1849 Mahogany Upright Piano. I only need pay moving charges. I was excited. I don't play, but always wanted to since the days of fooling around with my grandparent's piano.

On June 29, after delays in the actual move, the Piano arrives at midnight (at the cost of $100), and after I put it in place, I turn off the lights to go to sleep. Almost immediately, I begin tossing and turning, very restlessly and break out in a sweat. I can actually feel the presence of the Piano looming in front me against the wall (my pullout bed in the same main room as the piano). I sit up, turn on the light, and stop sweating.

The Piano is giving off a weird vibe and it’s creeping me out. I look at the Piano and try thinking good thoughts about it, and how it is a good piano and it brings joy to people through its music. I turn off the light again, lay down and break into a sweat again.

I sit up, clutching my knees and rocking - just looking at the thing knowing deep inside that all I want is the Piano gone. Completely irrational thoughts for me. But I don’t like the Piano, I don’t feel good with the Piano here and I don’t want the Piano under my roof any longer. At 1:00 AM, I push the piano to the curb and put a sign on it that says “Free”. I come back to bed and almost immediately fall asleep peacefully. In the morning, the Piano is gone.

What was it about this Piano? Was it inhabited by some sort of spirit or ghost or evil energy? I'll never know, but for anyone who knows me... this is not me. I'm not a 'believer' in much that cannot be seen or proven. But this incident began to change my opinion of some things.

Ghosts would be one of them. The idea that energy remnants of prior beings can linger after said being is gone, no longer feels far-fetched to me. Certainly no more far-fetched than most 'concepts' that many people have 'faith' in.

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