Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 15 - The Ice Cream Man

A hot summer day. I'm in the house just after dinner and I suddenly hear bells. Kind of a clangly, ching-chinging kind of bell. But I know what it means.

My brother, sister and I grab our money and race out of the front door of our little apartment and run to the turnaround where we see that wonderful square truck and already a of couple kids in line just outside the side window.

What's all the fuss? It's the Ice Cream Man of course. What a fabulous invention - a truck that comes around and sells ice cream! Our truck in the suburbs of Philadelphia was from Good Humor - a company that started in 1919 and began selling from a truck in Ohio very soon after that.

I was allergic to Chocolate (among other things) as a kid, but I soon discovered the joys of Strawberry (my brother and sister could have Chocolate Milk, but I loved my Strawberry Quik from Nestlé). That forced me on a search for non-chocolatey palate bliss, which in turn led me to the Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Bar - the thought of it now is causing my mouth to water. What a delicious diversion on a hot day.

But, it's the Ice Cream Truck - ingrained in our minds (for those who grew-up with one - er, an ice cream truck, not a mind). This morning I heard the bell and my mind took off in childhood directions. I IM'd Mark with a "Oooo, Ice Cream Man!" and he responded "Go, Run, Be Five" - and with that, shouldn't we all?

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