Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 7 - A Day in the Life

With no particular topic pressing on my brain (although, I am concerned that when asked my age on forms or surveys, I've been putting 47 - a lot! What's that about? I'm less than five months from just turning 46!)... where was I... oh, yes... with no particular topic pressing on my brain, I just thought I'd run down my day... a true 'Day in the Life'.

7AM - Awake, morning ablutions (including a shave), spritz of Issey Miyake Blue, a maroon Banana Republic crew neck, some small designer jeans, fold the bed, move the rugs (prepping for an Exterminator who is coming for the second time in as many weeks to try to eradicate the fleas on my back, brick patio).

8AM - Off to work, hopping into my 2003 Sonic Blue Mustang Convertible (top down, thank you very much), Howard Stern on the Sirius and a quick 20 minute drive to work down Oxnard to the 170 to the 134 - drat, traffic and I cannot exit at Victory due to it's closure in order to allow the Michael Jackson Funeral Service to proceed unencumbered at Forest Lawn, so - exit on San Fernando, down Flower and into the gates of DreamWorks Animation (how lucky am I?!).

8:30 - Get my coffee and some scrambled eggs in the Commissary (free breakfast is extra yummy).

9AM - I begin streaming the CNN.com feed of the Michael Jackson Memorial Service at Staples Center. Since it starts at 10AM, I should be able to sort through emails, do Surfacing Rounds and get back in time to listen/watch.

The morning progress as outlined, and surprisingly, I do find myself feeling a part of the Memorial Service. Before it ends, I well up a few times, especially at the end when everyone starts singing "We Are the World" followed by "Heal the World" - but the real moment comes when Michael's daughter, Paris, says how great a father her Daddy was.

12:30 - Service over, I grab some lunch (an Asian-seasoned skinless chicken breast on a small bed of brown rice and a salad).

2PM - 5:30PM - an assortment of meetings regarding Nets and Nadders, Sheep and Ground Planes, Dragons and Ale Arms, Lighting the Cove (if you want to know more, go see "How to Train Your Dragon" in a 3D Theatre near you - coming March 2010), email responses, IT sped up my PC,
Employee Reviews, a cup of Tea and an Apple.

6PM - A rooftop concert atop the new Parking Structure by Composers Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-Williams, John Powell, Steve Jablonsky and a group of 18 other musicians and singers (along with Kobe Beef Sliders and a couple of Samuel Adams).

8PM - Driving home, texting Mark (yeh, I know, it's dangerous).

8:30 - Burned "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" to a DVD-R, started converting "Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan" read email, watched "The Apprentice UK" and blogged about it all.

(Phew!) 10:30-ish now. I'm sure I will open my Queen-sized Sofabed, get some water, watch some foodie show (do I have a new "Chopped" tonight?) and off to sleep around 11:30.

Tomorrow is another day... goodnight, World.

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