Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 31 - The Finale of Blogapalooza 2009

To paraphrase T.S. Eliot (from "The Hollow Men" [1925]): "This is the way my Blog ends, with a Bang and not with a Whimper!"

So my month-long Blogapalooza comes to its exciting conclusion. It's been a long month with varied topics from the serious like "Race and Ethnicity" to lighter fare like Music and Movies, Breakfast Cereal Icons, and Ice Cream Novelties. I reminisced about Broadway Musicals, discussed Food, Ghosts and shared a Poem. I gave you insights and opinions, blogged about nothing, Mused at Midnight, listed the goings on of one of my random days, and poured out my heart over 31 days of writings.

I definitely tapped into the Untrained Mind and allowed it to flow, during which time I hope I entertained, informed and enlightened.

And while I may be suspending my daily blogging activities, I will still blog you from time to time as topics compel my fingertips to share my thoughts with the world. Maybe a thought of the day or an insight or a link at least... daily? We'll see how it goes. The more people who read it, the more I'm likely to say something.

So after a month of Blogs, how did I do? Please let me know what you all think (hello? other than a few of you I know of... is anyone else is out there?). You can sign up for my updates (over to the left of this blog) and even just let me know you've read this occasionally by clicking the Pencil below and leaving me a comment.

Love to all of you who read this.

[btw, tonight I am actually at The Hollywood Bowl watching "Guys & Dolls: In Concert" - would that be musical #36?]

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