Friday, July 10, 2009

July 9 - Midnight Musings

12:13 AM and I find myself alone in my apartment and wide awake! Of late, I've found my insomnia a nightly visitor (thanks, Mom). So what do I do? My melatonin has not be much help these past few nights.

Well, other than finally having time for my Thursday Blog, I am watching the premiere of Big Brother 11. But that's not the point. Once it's over, I will turn out the lights, climb into bed and flip on an episode of one of my newly discovered 'ghost shows'; The Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures" or "Most Haunted" or SciFi's (btw, I'm NOT calling them Syfy - that's just dumb) "Ghost Hunters International".

I sometimes pause and ask if there are any spirit people with me. I strain to listen for a knock or a rap. So far nothing. I wouldn't mind a ghostly 'meow' from BJ (see my July 3 blog) or to hear my Grandmother Rose's metal bookends get tapped like they did when I first got them (I miss you, Grandmom). Still nothing. Is it a need not to be alone that makes me wish for my own personal haunting (or spirit friend)? Regardless, I un-pause the show and continue watching.

I'm sometimes spooked by them (usually by "Most Haunted" - good job, Yvette Fielding). Sometimes I wish they'd stop cursing, thereby getting bleeped and making the other-worldly sounds hard to hear (thank you "Ghost Adventurer" Zak Bagans). I've just started watching "Ghost Hunters" and I've not quite fallen in love with it - they take themselves too seriously and while Zak plays the EVPs in context (those are Electronic Voice Phenomena for you non-ghosters), the GHI'ers (oh yeah, I abbreviated it) play them after the fact (far less effective).

Anyway, there's a little insight. I'm off to get spooked a bit before I (hopefully) drift off. Ooooooo.... goodnight.....

Oh... FYI, my very first Halloween costume was "Casper, The Friendly Ghost" - coincidence, or eerie foreshadowing...

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